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Super Typhoon Haiyan - Journey to Tacloban
Watch the entire 54 min Documentary here

Surf's Up! Huge Waves slam the seawall at Winthrop, Massachusetts Blizzard

Featured YouTube clip racked up over 2.5 million views

Featured on National Geographic Wild Channel's
"Cameramen Who Dare"


Jim Edds aboard the NOAA P3 Hurricane Hunter in
Hurricane Ophelia

welcome to my world

Hurricane Charley - A rare daytime Category 4 video featured on many weather specials

Hurricane Ike wave pounds the Galveston Seawall

Jim Edds gets pounded by a mean Hurricane Ike wave along the Galveston seawall
Notice the boot on the back right foot - I broke it a few weeks earlier climbing down a ladder with my cam/tripod
My good foot is atop the camera for this powerhouse wave!

My Hurricane Charley experience and using Lowepro gear - click here

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Hurricane Journey - Jim Edds & Jeff GammonsHurricane Journey - Life in the Danger Zone Hurricane Journey - Jim Edds & Jeff Gammons


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Hurricane Video
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 Biker takes on a Hurricane
& loses big time

Hurricane Charley Video
Everything's Flying

      Hurricane Jeanne Video
          Fort Pierce, FL 

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Awesome Waterspouts!

Typhoon Maria
Miyakojima Japan


    Hurricane Katrina
       Video Footage
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Hurricane Katrina Video
 Florida East Coast

Typhoon Usagi Taiwan 
Massive storm surge



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